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6 Month Relationship Development Program

Whether you're in a new or longtime relationship, having the right tools to overcome potential or existing barriers

to intimacy are essential to the health of any relationship!  If you find things have been at a standstill or would like to improve your relationship with that significant other, this one-on-one program was made for you!   


This 6 Month Program will equip you with the tools and provide you with solid time dedicated to move your relationship forward,

develop intimacy, and fan the flame of a greater and deeper love for each other!


Relationship Development Program Overview

This program provides you with 12 one-on-one coaching sessions with a specific focus for each session outlined below.  The sessions are structured in such a way that will provide time for a lesson on the topic, questions that we can discuss about your situation, and tools to help you move forward.  Click here to see a detailed list of topics covered in this program.
Pricing and Registration

These 12 coaching sessions are currently being offered for $97 per month...That's a savings of over $370.00!!  Feel free to include a spouse or significan other in our sessions together to realize even greater value. 
Register Today! and receive a Free Gift!

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Love and Respect - A Book Review


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Coming Soon!


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Relationship Development Session Overview

Session 1:

Effective Communication

This session is the fundamental need in most relationships… to understand how to communicate well with each other, and REALLY connect! We will discuss in this session things like his needs and her needs for communication, indirectness, defensiveness, active listening, pinpointing problem areas in communication, etc. to really get some insight on how to effectively not only listen to each other, but “hear what the other person is really saying”.
Session 2:
Here we will get into the details of understanding the automatic assumptions we make when we communicate. Involving things like jumping to a conclusion because of someone’s body language, and making an automatic judgment without questioning to confirm if your assumption is correct, as well as dealing with assumptions that are rooted from past history that you may be projecting onto a current relationship, or perhaps this is the reason why you have trouble maintaining relationships in the first place, because this has become an obstacle for you to sustain healthy long term relationships. We will discuss your specific situation as I coach to your particular area of concern re: assumptions.

Session 3:

Negative Thinking

In this session, we will discuss some of the negative thinking patterns you might have that may be blocks toward healthy relationships. Perhaps you believe you are unlovable, or that you are always abandoned, or not good looking enough, or hate yourself, or sabotage relationships. We will examine together what areas of negative thinking apply to you and you will be given tools and assignments to break the unhealthy patterns of negative thinking to get you back on track!

Session 4:


When we enter a relationship, we are often unaware of our hidden expectations. It is only after a period of time being with someone that these hidden expectations arise, creating possible tension or conflict in the relationship. This could be something as simple as expecting one person to take care of all the domestic responsibilities. But if these expectations are not discussed and agreed upon, the hidden expectation will leak out onto the other person who was oblivious to your expectation, often clashing with their own opposing expectations. We will discuss how to identify expectations, get them out into the open in the relationship, and determine what is reasonable together for the responsibilities each person will take on in the relationship.

Session 5:


Conflict is inevitable if you are going to have a real, rather than the ideal perfect relationship. No relationship will be the perfect fairy tale, even if some come close! You will always face differences of opinions or open conflict. Someone will fail another in the relationship in some way, and grace and forgiveness are natural and necessary parts of relationships to build healthy lasting, and intimate relationships! We will discuss these issues in this session.

Session 6:

Effective Confrontation Skills

Following along with the previous session on conflict and forgiveness, an important piece of the puzzle is knowing some effective confrontation skills, that involve honesty, truthfulness, caring, concern, respect for each other, and effective listening skills and the ability to empathize with what the other person’s point of view is. Confrontation does not need to be a yelling and screaming match. Learn effective confrontation skills in this session to disarm both your own and your partner’s defenses and discuss conflict out of a position of mutual respect for each other.

Session 7:


Trust is a BIG deal in relationships! It is important to be open and honest with each other. It is important to understand how to identify who is trustworthy and how to find safe people in which to connect with and build a caring relationship built on trust. Keep in mind, trust takes time to develop. Trust must not be immediately assumed. In this session we will discuss matters of trust. Are you a trustworthy person? If not, we will discuss tools to help you become a more trustworthy and safe person! Is your partner trustworthy? We will discuss the characteristics of someone who is trustworthy and address your own particular issues concerning trust.

Session 8:


What are you looking for? Just a fun time or a one night stand? If so, this program is not for you. This program is designed for people who are looking to find and sustain a committed healthy long term relationship. We will discuss the importance of commitment in this session and just what that means to each party involved. We will discuss past and current issues with commitment and the roots behind it and help overcome the hurdles and obstacles you face when it comes to the subject of commitment. We will address your fears and concerns and explore them together.

Session 9:

Safeguarding Your Relationship

Many relationships have been broken or damaged by intruders into the marriage or committed relationship. Affairs and sexual addiction or alcoholism among others can be major players to allow for your relationship to become unsafe. Learn how to affair proof your relationship and work together to keep your relationship strong, rather than going to outside sources. Learn the roots to addiction that prevent you from experiencing the intimacy you seek.

Session 10

Giving and Receiving Love

It is important in any healthy relationship that there is a natural give and take in the relationship. But believe it or not, there are things that get in the way of giving and receiving love. One person may have an extremely low self-esteem and has trouble receiving any loving action from their partner thereby sabotaging intimacy that is so desperately needed and desired. Learn each other’s love languages. How do you feel loved? How does your partner feel loved? Sometimes one person is more assertive in the relationship than the other, and most often dictates how things run in the relationship, not necessarily because of control, but because of the other’s passiveness or lack of ability to take initiative and own their own desires and express their needs! We will discuss these types of issues in this session.

Session 11

Sabotage & Changing Your Distored Beliefs

In an earlier session we mentioned distorted thinking, and touched on self or relationship sabotage. In this session we will deal with this a little more in depth and look at how to stop self-sabotaging behavior or relationship sabotage. We will challenge your distorted beliefs and begin training some new and healthier belief systems that will also help increase yours or your partners self-esteem.

Session 12:

Working Together

Finally, we will look at some great practical ways that you can both learn to work together as a team in your committed relationship or marriage. We will touch on things like the use of questioning, being flexible, and compromise, setting priorities that you have both as individuals and as a couple in deciding your goals for your relationship and future plans together. Learn to differentiate between what is your own goal, and what is a ‘team’ goal that you each equally share. Combined with the previous sessions, you should be well on your way to starting to build, or maintaining a great relationship! If after these sessions, you still want to stay on with some maintenance coaching to address some of the troubleshooting areas you are facing, we can discuss this at the end of your six month relationship coaching program!


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